Teatro La Ribalta. Ali (ph. Vasco dell'Oro)
Teatro la Ribalta


7 November 2023, 8.30 pm

Potenza, Il Piccolo teatro | Cesam

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

Text Gianluigi Gherzi, Remo Rostagno, Antonio Viganò. Direction Antonio Viganò. Choreography Julie Anne Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal). Assistant director Paola Guerra. With Michael Untertrifaller e Jason De Majo. Adapted form from ALI (1993): Production Le Grand Bleu and Teatro la Ribalta (premioETIstregagatto 1995). Produzione Teatro la Ribalta-Kunst der Vielfalt – Lebenshilfe Südtirol. Duration 60 minutes. Age 10-11 years. Photo Vasco dell'Oro.


"Wings" is the story of an encounter. It is between an ordinary young man – if a little disillusioned and pessimistic – and a being with two red wounds on its shoulders. It is a fallen angel, who wants to suffer and love as all human beings do. The creature, descending from the sky through a ray of light, questions, interrogates, wants to understand the reason for everything. It is as curious and naive as a child.
A connection is made between the two. A web of reciprocal questions, of curiosity, and even of conflict help the angel discover feelings and emotions never before felt.
The angel and man meet. They collide, they fight, they identify with each other, and they touch in the dance of life until death. After discovering memories buried under piles of stones, the angel lays bare the life of the man, his sorrows, and his joys.
The struggle between the two becomes a dangerous game. Yet it is in this cruel and poetic game that man discovers his uniqueness of being, his "historical" singularity. All the while, the angel must choose between being all and nothing, or having a precise earthly identity, thereby renouncing its divinity.

I don’t have a history.
That’s not possible! Everyone has one! Everyone!
No, I don’t have a history…no, no. One I have. Just one. This. (He opens a suitcase of feathers)
And this is your history?
This is my history: sky, air, flying…

We have illustrious masters who have guided us: Rilke, with his “Duino Elegies”, Peter Handke and
Wim Wenders with “Wings of Desire”, “The Necessary Angel” by Wallace Stevens, “Demi-Gods” by
James Stephens and “Angelus Novus” by Walter Benjamin.


Teatro la Ribalta. Teatro la Ribalta-Academy of Arts for Diversity is a professional theatre group in which performers with and without physical and mental disabilities work as an ensemble. The actors give passionate expression to their artistic potential: they dance their individuality poetically and act with convincing credibility. The productions are energetic, touching, and evocative. Over years of collaboration, the Academy of Arts for Diversity, was created. This diversity includes culture, theater, dance, education, discussions, and artistic and social development. The mission is to counteract exclusion and to give all involved a professional and social identity. Collaborations with other theatre groups on a national as well as an international level have been
going on for many years. Well-known actors, artists, and choreographers participate in productions, education, and outreach. Teatro la Ribalta-Academy of Arts for Diversity is a household name in the theatre scene. Numerous awards, acknowledgements, the acclaim of the Italian Ministry of Culture, and many national and international guest performances confirm the high level of our work: Critics Award 2015 (Italian association of theatre critics), Cultura Socialis 2013 (Province of Bolzano); My dream (CRT Turin Foundation); Italian Children's Theatre Price “EOLO“ - best News 2015 and 2018; Premio UBU 2018 – Special Price.

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