Vitamina, NeverStopScrollingBaby (foto Riccardo Panozzo)


19 and 20 September 2023, 8.30 pm

Potenza, capannone ex Enel / Cassa edile

5 euro [buy online]

Concept and choreography Alessandra Ferreri, Joshua Vanhaverbeke, Matteo Sedda. Artistic coordination Alessandra Ferreri. Performance Matteo Sedda. Sound and lights Joshua Vanhaverbeke. Production Fuorimargine, Cagliari. Co-production La Balsamine, Bruxelles; KVS, Brussels; Théâtre de Vanves, Paris. Support Atelier de Paris (FR) ; CWB/P, Paris; Institut Culturel Italien de Paris; micadanses, Paris; Montévidéo, Marseille; SCÈNE44. n + n corsino, Marseille; CC Bruegel, Bruxelles; ON_OFF_SPACE powered by DE SINGEL; Le Grand Studio, Bruxelles; LookIN’OUT, Bruxelles; Petit théâtre Mercelis, Ixelles; SUITCASE d’Artist Project/ Iles asbl, Bruxelles; Théâtre Marni,Bruxelles; WBTD; Anticorpi XL/ Danza Urbana; Danza Sassari Danza; S’ALA produzione, Sassari; Sardegna Teatro; PACT Zollverein; Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Foto © Riccardo Panozzo.

The mechanism of scrolling has reshaped our frame of perception and our collective consciousness.. Scrolling fascinates us as a metaphor for the great acceleration in which we live; as an endless vortex of information that offers a potentially infinite amount of content. We are specifically interested in the psychology between content and consumer, and the possible analogy in the relationship between performer and audience. The successful design of scrolling lies in its ability to activate a permanent tension between excitation and
frustration in the brain of the user. Excitation and frustration have become the cornerstones of our research, the mechanisms that have guided us in every step during the creation. We stimulate and disappoint, we show and unshow, in a continuous checkmate of catharsis. A game of seduction in which we compete for the attention of the audience, and where expectations are constantly at stake. We explore these dynamics through an analog choreographic language, in an attempt to capture the irresistible gravitational pull into the rabbit hole of content consumption.

Vitamina is a trio formed by Alessandra Ferreri, Joshua Vanhaverbeke and Matteo Sedda. Their research is characterised by a particular interest in representations of the obscene and the display of excess in all its forms. They investigate the horizons of contemporary trash as a fundamental aesthetic phenomenon; defining it as a key for gaining an understanding of our contemporary turbo-society. Their projects are in a constant state of flux, permanently shaped by different audiences and different contexts. The desire of adapting their work and creating a relevant dialogue between the performance and different scenic landscapes has become an integral part of their artistic practice. Their first project NeverStopScrollingBaby was presented in various international festivals such as Festival Faits d'Hiver, Paris (FR), Danse Dense, (FR), Amsterdam Fringe Festival (NL), Autunno Danza (IT) and in theatres such as KLAP, maison pour la Danse, Marseille (FR), La Balsamine, Brussels (FR), CWB, Paris (FR) and PACT (DE). In 2023, they started the research for their new project LENTOxVIOLENTO a duo performance between a percussionist and a dancer.

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