Zimmerfrei, Carozzi
Massimo Carozzi / Zimmerfrei

Temporaneamente, Bucaletto

17 Sept. 2021, 4-5-6 pm // 18 and 28 Sept. 2021, 4.30-5.45 pm

Potenza, piazza Mons. Vairo - Bucaletto

3 euro [buy online]

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Info contatti@cittacentoscale.it

Partnership La città delle infanzie festival

Project development Massimo Carozzi, Agnese Cornelio. A production by Città delle 100 scale festival. Performance Massimo Carozzi, Agnese Cornelio.
With the inhabitants of Bucaletto neighbourhoodo Sukaina Addoum, Nicola Ciano, Maria Antonietta Guarino, Manuela Moscarelli, Gerardina Laino, Debora Laterza, Emanuele Lorusso, Angelo Marino, Desirè Marino, Angelo Diamante, Roberto Po, Saverio Salvato, Luca Vaccaro, gli utenti e gli educatori del centro Rotary gestito dalla cooperativa sociale La Mimosa. Thanks to Mimmo Nardozza, Michela Fausta Marino, Associazione Punto Luce, Associazione La luna al guinzaglio, Cooperativa La Mimosa, Associazione La nuova Cittadella, Treminiedd restourant.
Photos © Salvatore Laurenzana.



A documentary sound map, crossing Bucaletto neighbourhood in Potenza.
Following the catastrophic earthquake in the early '80s, prefab units were built in Bucaletto as a temporary solution for the homeless.
Forty years later, those prefabricated buildings are still there: they have hosted several generations, providing an immediate response to the most disparate housing emergencies.
Temporaneamente, Bucaletto will be collecting - through the practice of documentary observation - environmental recordings, conversations, interviews with those who live, work or simply cross the neighbourhood. The sound map draws a living social and environmental structure, through the voices and sounds of the neighbourhood.

(Translation by Caterina Cavallo)

zimmerfrei 38 slaurenzana

ZimmerFrei. The ZimmerFrei collective was founded in Bologna in 2000. Its members are Anna de Manincor (artist, filmmaker), Massimo Carozzi (sound designer and musician) and – until 2019- Anna Rispoli (artist and director). ZimmerFrei’s practice combines different languages and strategies: documentary films , video art, sound and environmental installations, photographic series, performances, workshops and installations in the public space. (zimmerfrei.co)

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