Il caso della famiglia Coleman (foto Giampaolo Samà)
Claudio Tolcachir

Il caso della famiglia Coleman

17 October 2021, 8.30 pm canceled

Potenza, teatro Don Bosco

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

Text and direction Claudio Tolcachir. With Cristina Maresca, Miriam Odorico, Inda Lavalle, Fernando Sala, Tamara Kiper, Gonzalo Ruiz, José Frezzini, Jorge Castaño. Assistant director Macarena Trigo. Lighting Omar Possemato. Production Compagnia Timbre 4 / Maxime Seugé e Jonathan Zak. Production in Italy Aldo Miguel Grompone | Roma.
Photo © Giampaolo Samà.

After hosting Proximo in 2019, Claudio Tolcachir joins again Città delle 100 scale Festival with the show The case of the Coleman family, defined by El Pais "a real theatrical party and a lesson in times of crisis". Together with Rafael Spregelburd, Claudio Tolcachir is a protagonists of the great, bright Argentinian theater. Thirty-five years old, heir to the militant artists of the previous generation, he reacted to the endemic lack of funding in the cultural field and founded the company Timbre4 : their home, a large and falling to pieces apartment of railings in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, became a theatre and an acting school.
Here the bizarre genealogy of the Coleman family was performed: a true theatre case.
Since its debut in 2005 in the same house, this show has gained an extraordinary success and many awards, amazed audiences and reviews from more than 30 countries; it finally reached the European theatres of Madrid and Paris. Staged for four consecutive weeks at the Festival d'Automne, it was reviewed by Le Monde as the very best event. It will be performed in Potenza , within 100 Scale Festival.
With The Case of the Coleman Family, Tolcachir takes his audience to his Buenos Aires, in the chaotic microcosm of a family on the edge of dissolution, in a house whose members coexist and feel like prisoners.
Everyone is fighting to protect their own living space, where people strongly love and strongly hate and what they do not say is hurting more than what they say. Like Chinese boxes, in a broken down universe shaken by a feverish energy, loneliness overlap and selfishness emerges :everybody is responsible for small daily cruelty. Yet in a world where violence often becomes the only way to interact, tenderness and affection play a role. A sort of Parenti serpenti in Argentinian style, the spectacle of a house and its inhabitants into an enveloping stage space: spectator is welcome and overwhelmed by absurd, poignant, everyday life.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)

tolcachir coleman l giampaolo sama

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