Collettivo Itaca, Ion
Collettivo ITACA/Dino Lopardo


26 September 2021, 5 pm

Potenza, teatro F. Stabile

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

The best play at Festival InDivenire 2019 / Roma

Written and directed by Dino Lopardo. With Alfredo Tortorelli, Andrea Tosi, Iole Franco. Partnership Città delle 100 scale festival.

“What happens when a human being is left alone by his family and rots in silence?"
From this premise, the playwright Dino Lopardo, starting from a true story, has developed an unpublished text also thanks to the insistence that the actors themselves have provided during the days of work dedicated to improvisations. The result is a new story, different from the initial idea, mainly focused on topics like the concept of "Different", maladjustment, social prejudice.
Few colours on stage and few objects to tell the slice of life of the two brothers John and Paul, whose past has divided deeply conditioned them. Their "grey" days are spent among quarrels and laughs that inexorably lead them back to their past, to their blurred children memories, to their oppressive father and to the serious guilt of one of the two. Such fault is perhaps the cause of a broken family and will inevitably determine their fate. Words and gestures live within a frame that is home, work, street, even the cemetery: but in the end it’s none of them.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)

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