Fabritia D'Intino / Daria Greco


7 September 2021, 9.15 pm

Potenza, piazza Don Pinuccio Lattuchella

3 euro [buy online]

Concept Fabritia D'Intino. Coreography and dance Fabritia D’Intino and Daria Greco. Original music Federico Scettri. Executive production Chiasma. In cooperation with Ostudio | Roma. Award Prize Bando Danza Urbana XL 2021 | Network Anticorpi.

Tagadà is inquiring whether the compresence of bodies at a distance is possible.
Inspired by the virtual dimension and by its potential, Tagadà shows individuals sharing a space without really meeting: the connection among them takes place without a recognizable reciprocity.
The pandemic experience is the starting point; relationships have moved radically to online platforms and virtual space has become the main world where social interactions, both the public and the private ones, take place.
This project means to investigate this condition in a choreographic dimension. The performers inhabit the same environment without ever meeting and influence each other, only thanks to an indirect exchange of information. The music suggests a faraway place and leads us through a journey of abstraction from reality, among synthetic sounds and homogeneous melodies. Space is defined by a circular structure where the bodies are moved by complementary forces through a constant ubiquity.
This project aims to overcome the loneliness dimension, promoting different levels of communication into a public space, where the relationships – both real virtual- are analysed.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)


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