Compagnia Licia Lanera, Con la carabina (ph. Manuela Giusto)
Lanera, Giuva, Nasuto

Con la carabina – meeting

4 October 2023, 10.30 pm

Potenza, Galleria civica


with Licia Lanera, Danilo Giuva, Ermelinda Nasuto

Photo © Manuela Giusto.

With this show, Licia Lanera won the Ubu 2022 Prize for best direction, while Pauline Peyrade's text won the Ubu 2022 Prize for best foreign text/dramaturgy writing staged by Italian companies or artists.
With Licia Lanera, already a guest of the Festival in past editions, we will reflect on the themes of violence, law, justice - of the relationship of violence with time, made up of a past that returns and invades, almost saturating it, the temporality of the present.
A story that seeks to unmask the cultural and anthropological mechanisms that trigger certain violent behaviours, which the director has inhabited, suffered and, finally, decided to stage.

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