Gaetano Palermo, Swan. With Rita di Leo
Gaetano Palermo

For an ethics of the gaze

17 September 2023, 7.00 pm

Potenza, capannone ex Enel / Cassa edile


space B

meeting with Gaetano Palermo, director, choreographer, artist

Gaetano Palermo is a young director, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist. His research lies on the borderline between reality and representation, investigating the ontology of performance in its relationship with the real through the phantasmal and the perturbing.
Swan is the winning performance of the Biennale College Teatro - Site-Specific Performance 2023.
With him we will reflect on the relationship between the gaze, violence and ethics.

"Wherever there is an audience there is violence. The gaze informs, conforms and deforms. Where there is no vision there is also no care. Here, ethics refers to aesthetics. In order to exist we need others, to see and be seen. Ethics is given in the sublime play of contraries, in the alternation of light and shadow. The Apollonian sun that illuminates otherwise risks drying everything out, just as the night that abandons and restores might no longer turn to the dawn'.

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