Onirica Analog / Digital

Analog / Digital

17 September 8.00 pm / 19 and 20 September 7.30 pm

Potenza, capannone ex Enel / Cassa edile

Space A

Video Installation site-specific / Preview from Onirica/Lights/ 23.
Conception Giovanni Rosa, Rocco Pascale, Stefania Reccia. Production Onirica in collaboration with Cineteca Lucana. Software development Sublime Tecnologico. Technical support Sonora Service.


A breeze gently sways a curtain made of 35mm films partially obscuring the glimpse into the interior.
At the entrance a precinema machine projecting images onto the back wall of the shed in a random fashion.
Analog/Digital is a leap through time, a contemplation on how overlapping visuals engage our visual memory creating vivid mental pictures and neural associations in our minds.

Onirica is a creative hub active since 2015 in the field of cultural and social design.
The collective's artistic, visual, and auditory research spans from designing multimedia setups for exhibitions and museums to creating art videos, from conceptualizing and realizing architectural videomapping to independent film production.
In 2022 Onirica/Lights/ was born, a festival of digital arts that connects national and international cultural and creative operators in the visual and performing arts, protagonists of an aesthetic reflection on the most innovative forms of art applied to new technologies.

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