1 december 2023, 8.30 pm

Potenza, Il Piccolo teatro | Cesam

5 euro [buy online]

Singing and acoustic guitar Vito Viglioglia. Guitars Vito Di Lorenzo. Bass Gianluigi Santoro. Percussions Giuseppe di Tolla. Sax Antonio Verbicaro.

Kinapoetem is the new Album of the Band Meteopanik. Unlike the first electric album, Kinapoetem, which is the opposite of Meteopanik, was composed, played and recorded in an acoustic set.
The album is made up of nine different songs even if united by a heterogeneous sound.
Ballads, folk songs, reggae and singer-songwriters make up the ars combinatoria of the project which also contains a cover by Franco Battiato.

Meteopanik is a new and ambitious musical project born in April 2017 in Potenza. The implacable need to declare to the whole world the love for rock and its "mutant" contaminations made the creation of the band "necessary" composed by Vito "Vitus" Viglioglia (vocals and guitar), Gianluigi Santoro (bass), Giuseppe Di Tolla (drums) and Vito Di Lorenzo (guitar). The previous and very interesting musical experiences of the individual members have made the sound of the group not inclined to a homogeneous and linear definition in the strict sense. Energy and impact but also melody and experimentation are mixed together in an innovative and engaging formula that does not give reference points to the listener. Help make the world a better place. This is, without a doubt, the goal that the band through its own music and the highly inspired texts of the poet Vito Viglioglia, aims to create, without barriers and with boundless passion.

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