Eva Geatti, La Vaga Grazia (foto Elena Liscio)
Eva Geatti

La Vaga Grazia

30 October 2023, 8.30 pm

Potenza, Galleria civica

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

By Eva Geatti. With Adriana Bardi, Andrea Beghetto, Carolina Bisioli, Roberto Leandro Pau, Patrick Platolino. Music by Dario Moroldo. Distribution and care Irene Rossini. Production Cosmesi with Corniolo Art Platform and Masque Teatro – Teatro Felix Guattari. With the support of Spazio Kor, Centrale Fies, residenze Hummus-Ekodanza Paleotto11, Damatrà, Fivizzano 27, Murate Art District-Muse and in collaboration with Motus. Top photo © Elena Liscio. Photo portrait © Annapaola Martin.

La Vaga Grazia is an allegory, the manifestation of something non-material. In the performance we witness prismatic proximity; the epic that is to be accomplished is not made of earthly gestures and has no recognizable narration other than relationships themselves. 
The work is inspired by the figure of the writer René Daumal and his unfinished work Mount Analogue. Conceived as the tale of a journey towards an incredible destination, the story stops as the mountaineers glimpse the first base camp, as they have just embarked on their real spiritual journey: it is therefore not known how their quest will end - a quest that for each of them will be unique, irreducible, an intimate movement.

It is said Mount Analogue is the only novel in the world that ends with a comma, and in that exact suspension it seems possible to perceive the pendulum between the visible and the invisible that Geatti stages, by experimenting with the transposition of Dumal's writing on the stage, not looking to end the story, but to materialize the lateral leap Dumal has made, the one towards the infinitesimal to reach the maximum systems, towards the attempt at changing something radical, towards the search for oneself. 
La Vaga Grazia is the result of almost two years of work done by Eva Geatti together with a group of 5 young actresses and actors, between the ages of 20 and 28: a time (the present) and an age (maybe) with the most burning questions. The attempt is to bring to the fore the particular form of confidence of bodies and minds engaged in difficult undertakings, working towards a form of freedom that allows the area of the probable to be glimpsed. A dense network of sounds and rules allows the delicate spiritual matter – of which a travelling body is full – to be seen, or perceived: the vision becomes the narrative form of the enterprise towards the unknown and the writing continues on the body confronting itself with a void that should not be filled but activated.


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Eva Geatti (1981). She studied art. She designs, performs and builds constructions. With Nicola Toffolini in 2003 she founded Cosmesi theater company, presenting their work in many national and international institutions and festivals. She has worked for research companies such as Masque Teatro, Motus, Ateliersi, Teatrino Clandestino; played the accordion on the roof of the Angelo Mai; built a shrine of smoke bombs for Ateliersi; designed the cover of a BeMyDelay record and made pirouettes for Jérome Bel at the Venice Biennale. She had two solo shows with bizarre titles in Bologna and Santarcangelo; she held a workshop on Trap and Russian Romance with Dario Moroldo;  accompanied a group of “Wild Detectives” with Silvia Bottiroli for a year and renewed the collaboration with Bottiroli in the frame of the project Fuori (ERT). She currently teaches at the Fine Art Academy in Bologna. She is part of the musical project Donna Circo; is an associated artist of Spazio Kor (Asti) and has recently contributed with a performance to Civitonia Festival, curated by Giovanni Attili and Silvia Calderoni. For her last works as Cosmesi she dug a hole and produced and sang in a pop record, while in 2022 she debuted as solo director with the show La vaga Grazia.

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