Muta imago, Ashes (foto Ilaria Depari)
Muta Imago


22 September 2023, 8.30 pm

Potenza, Il Piccolo teatro | Cesam

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

Ubu Prize 2022 Best sound project Riccardo Fazi
Ubu Prize 2022 Best actor performer Marco Cavalcoli

Dramaturgy and direction Riccardo Fazi. With Marco Cavalcoli, Ivan Graziano, Monica Piseddu, Arianna Pozzoli. Original live music Lorenzo Tomio. Outside eye Claudia Sorace. Lights Maria Elena Fusacchia. Administration, organisation and production Grazia Sgueglia, Silvia Parlani, Valentina Bertolino. Executive production Index Muta Imago. With the support of Mibact. Foto © Ilaria Depari. Video trailer Circa studio.

A pocket full of posies
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down

Can one travel through time through sound? Can one construct a sound narrative that takes shape form solely in the minds of the spectators/viewers? Ashes is an aleph of sounds flowing in parallel, a stream of overlapping moments that are heard for an instant before disappearing.
Heard for an instant before disappearing. A concert for voices and music performed live, an immersive sound journey: a reflection on the imaginative power of sound and word, on the importance of the 'now' and its characteristics of impermanence, so fascinating and disturbing at the same time.
A sequence of events unfolds without interruption: brief fragments of private lives private lives, birthdays, parties, deaths, killings, animals, Christmas trees, dinosaurs, microbiology, geology, everything that passes and does not remain, but which defines and gives a precise meaning to the lives of us human beings. The four performers talk, play, shout, fight, confess secrets and make declarations of love. Voices that generate dinosaurs and wolves,mushrooms and baleen whales, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, who just for a moment find themselves in that time and that space, ready to disappear with the evanescence of fading breath. It is only the voice that realises presence, creates worlds, weaves relationships, generates visions. On stage a few fixed elements: a carpet, microphones: a space that never changes, while time and sound move continuously.

Muta Imago is a theatre company founded in Rome in 2006. It is led by Claudia Sorace, director and Riccardo Fazi, dramaturg and sound artist, and is composed of all the people who have been, are and will be involved in the realisation of the works. The continuous search for forms and stories that connect relation between the sphere of imagination and that of present, human, political and social reality, leads the company to investigate different forms of live arts: theatre, musical theatre, performance performance, radio, with the aim of investigating in the best possible way the relationship between the human being, his time and his feeling. For years Muta Imago's shows have been hosted and co-produced by the most important national and international festivals. and international festivals. Among the latest productions: Sonora Desert (2021), Disappearances (2020), Combat (2018), Lontano da qui (2018). In addition to the production of the shows, Muta Imago carries out an intense teaching, training and research activities. In 2021 the company won the Premio Speciale Ubu and the Rete Critica Prize for the Radio India - Indian Ocean project. In the three-year period 2020-2022 Muta Imago was the resident company of Oceano Indiano, a project of Teatro di Roma – Teatro National Theatre. In 2022/23 it will be working on the new production Tre Sorelle.

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