AZIONIfuoriPOSTO, Oltrepassare (ph. Giulia Lenzi)


15 September 2023, 5.30 / 7.00 pm

Potenza, piazzale Budapest

3 euro [buy online]

Idea, design, choreography, performers Silvia Dezulian, Filippo Porro. Idea, design, sound sculptures Martina Dal Brollo. Idea, technical support and 3D model Gabriel Garcia.
Photo © Giulia Lenzi.

Project selected within the framework of Dancescapes/International Mobility, an action to support circulation and training abroad, promoted by Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana, with the contribution of the MIC - Ministry of Culture and the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, in the framework of the Dancescapes project, with the collaboration of: Associazione Culturale Las Voces Humanas, H(abita)t - Rete di spazi per la danza". Winner Pergine Arte Giovane, P.A.G. 2019, Urban Dance XL 2020, Intersezioni FVG 2021.



Oltrepassare is a walking urban performance that combines movement, sculpture and sound.
Two bodies in relation to each other dialogue uphill, exploring a new perception of space, and the audience, which follows them, experience a completely different sound and visual sensation of an every day, passing place. The performers interact with each other and the landscape thanks to two wearable sound sculptures, connected to microphones placed in their shoes, amplify the movements and the very conformity of the ground on which the bodies are moving. Two figures walk independently but vigilantly on each other, weaving steps, searching for a rhythm, they struggle, pause and then start again. They meet. They separate. They wait for each other. They creep among the audience who, walking with them, share the same experience.

AZIONIfuoriPOSTO was born in Trento in 2019 from the collaboration between Silvia Dezulian and
Filippo Porro. A multidisciplinary collective that operates in the sphere of dance and performance, feeding, depending on the projects, on the collaboration of other professionals not only in the artistic sphere, it proposes site-specific actions capable of relating to places and the people who inhabit them, leaving conventional spaces and situations. The intent is to suggest unusual perspectives that can offer places a different opportunity from the one they usually take, using dance as a tool for sociality, encounter, and exchange of skills between dancers, citizens and territories. In 2020 he won the Danza Urbana XL call for proposals with Oltrepassare, a site-specific performance travelling uphill. In 2021 he won the Cross Award for the urban dance project for social housing Perspectiva, co-produced by Oriente Occidente. In 2022 he makes his theatre debut with Ombelichi Tenui, a two-body ritual on the theme of death and salvation, winner of Komm Tanz 2019 and Air 2020 Lavanderia A Vapore call, co-production Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio. In 2023 with Rimaye it wins the Komm Tanz 2022 call for entries, the production call of Fondazione Caritro for entries and is co-produced by Centro Culturale Santa Chiara and Campsirago Residenza. It will also make its debut at the international Trento Film Festival in May 2024. Also in 2023, the studio opens the production Lamponi by Silvia Dezulian, winner of the call for proposals Non Addomesticabili, promoted by Centro Culturali Santa Chiara and aria Teatro. In May 2023 the touring work Percorsi Incrociati makes its debut at Interplay festival, which is also co-producer. From 2020 he organises Danzare A Monte, a dance and nature festival in the mountains of Val di Fiemme.

Filippo Porro (1992) graduated from the "Teatrodanza" course at the Civica Paolo Grassi in Milan, the Proxima Res school of Carmelo Rifici and the AZIONE project, with Giordano, Rossi, Di Stefano, Castello, Company Blu and Kinkaleri. He studied and followed Dominique Dupuy in Italy and France. He works with Luca Veggetti, Marco Baliani and Mario Martone (Tango Glaciale Reloaded). From 2017 to 2020 he works with Michela Lucenti's Balletto Civile and collaborates with Alessio Maria Romano as author/performer. In 2019 he founded AZIONIfuoriPOSTO together with Silvia Dezulian. He currently works as a performer for the Abbondanza/Bertoni company ("Doppelganger"- UBU22 award / "Idem") and as a choreographer/dancer for AZIONIfuoriPOSTO projects. In March 2023 Filippo Porro was selected and participated in the "Creation for Public Space" atelier organised by Lavanderia a Vapore.

Silvia Dezulian (1990) studied dance with the Abbondanza/Bertoni company. In 2013 she graduated in "Teatrodanza" at the Paolo Grassi Civica in Milan and in 2017 in scenography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He took part in the 2016/2017 AZIONE training promoted by SostaPalmizi with choreographers Giordano, Rossi, Castello, Certini and Zerby. His artistic research has always aimed at investigating the points of contact between scenic arts and visual arts. Since 2017 she lives in Trento and works as a performer, costume and set designer for film and theatre. In Trento she founded AZIONIfuoriPOSTO and promotes Sharing TraiNing Trentino. In June 2023 she works for Edoardo Mozzanega in Sonica, presented at In Grigna Mountain Cultural
Festival (LC).

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