Dino Lopardo
Dino Lopardo

Affog*. Dalla Trilogia dell'odio alla scena

6 November 2022, 10.30 pm

Potenza, liceo scientifico Pasolini

Can dreams be broken by subtle violence? What if this violence was inherent in the human soul hidden since adolescence?

Aggressive behaviors represent an attempt to assert one's identity, to acquire a role and soothe personal insecurities. Among the aggressive behaviors, bullying represents a very widespread phenomenon, characterized by oppressive, intimidating and aggressive acts directed towards peers. The psychologist D. Olweus, highlights how bullying is characterized by: intentionality, asymmetry of power between bully and victim (strong-weak psychologically and/or physically), systematicity and persistence over time. Attacks can be direct or open (verbal and/or physical), indirect or disguised (through gossip, slander, social isolation).
A new form of bullying called “cyberbullying” has recently emerged, through the dissemination of material via the internet with PCs or mobile phones and encouraged by poor control and greater de-responsibility offered by the medium. Bullying is present in both girls and boys and is also on the rise in primary school. Both bullies and victims have difficulties in regulating and recognizing emotions.
If bullies persist in their attitudes and behaviors they risk structuring conduct disorders and subsequently antisocial personality disorders, while victims can experience depressive disorders and feel worthless. To prevent and reduce bullying, it is necessary to increase knowledge of the phenomenon within the school by promoting social skills among children.

Dino Lopardo trained as an actor at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome. At the same time he graduated with a thesis in theories and techniques of radio-television language. In 2015 he specialized in television / film script and dramaturgy at the Silvio d’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art. As an author, he writes the single act Trapanaterra, winner of the 2017 Cure and WAIT for best dramaturgy at the Indivenire 2018 festival in Rome. Subsequently he takes care of the staging and wins as best director at the Rome Fringe Festival 2018. Author of the feature film Batacatash, Siae award. In 2019 he writes and directs the ION show awarded as best director at the INdivenire national festival in Rome. He writes and produces the video Hands Off for Amnesty International. In 2020 he writes and directs the short film Partecipare.
In the cinema he takes part in the film “Basilicata Coast to Coast” by Rocco Papaleo; Massimo
Coppola's “You're Afraid of the Dark”; “A Sunday Night” by Giuseppe Marco Albano; “Passannante”
directed by Ninì Mastroberti; “The best day of my life” by Dino Santoro; “Alice and the wonderland”
by Giulia Grandinetti. “Hungry Heart” by Domenico Colangelo. As assistant director he works with Alvaro Piccardi at the Quirinetta Theater in Rome for the show “The code of Perelà”.

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