Irene Russolillo, masterclass
Irene Russolillo


16 September 2022, 3.00 pm

Potenza, centro di danza Metamorfosi / via Armellini


In collaboration with Basilicata dance and ballet.
Photo top © Paolo Sacchi, bottom © Monia Pavoni.



In her masterclass, Irene Russolillo invites participants to focus on the ability that bodies have to shape the surrounding space, thanks to the signs they imprint on it, following elusive trajectories of thought, or grasping and reworking in an instant what the environment offers to the senses, and then disseminating it around them. These bodies are able to materialise a unique yet constantly changing environment, in which all perception is amplified.

Starting from the observation of the bodies in motion, Irene proposes a work on the engines of improvisation and on error as an instrument of invention, reflecting on the movements of distancing and approaching between thought and action, while dancing. Exercises and practices of exploration of one's own corporeity will then be proposed, in order to analyse and give oneself the possibility of continually rethinking one's own conception of dance.

russolillo masterclass v monia pavoni

Irene Russolillo is a dancer, choreographer and performer. Through her hybrid and transdisciplinary approach to performing arts, she has been developing for several years a research on vocality and movement, in collaboration with many visual, music and dance artists. As a dancer she has participated in performances by Micha Van Hoecke, Roberto Castello, Abbondanza|Bertoni, Lisi Estaras and many others. As a choreographer, she has received support from ALDES, the Network Anticorpi XL, the international networks Crossing the sea and Crisol. She was an associate artist of the Oriente Occidente Festival in Rovereto. Over the years, she has received numerous awards such as the Equilibrio Award 2014 and the Masdanza Award as best performer 2014, the Prospettiva Danza Award 2015, the CROSS Award in 2019. She is a member of the VAN Cultural Association, which brings together seven choreographers from the Italian contemporary scene, in Bologna.

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