Mario Perrotta, in nome del padre
Mario Perrotta

In nome del padre

3 October 2022, 11.00 am

Potenza, teatro Don Bosco

6 euro

Play by Mario Perrotta. Drama consulting Massimo Recalcati. Production Permar. In collaboration with Teatro Stabile di Bolzano. Collaboration with the Director Paola Roscioli. Assistant Director Donatella Allegro. Stage costumes Sabrina Beretta. Music Giuseppe Bonomo, Mario Perrotta. In collaboration with DUEL.

Premi UBU 2019 – Finalist as best play

In collaboration with Liceo Rosa–Gianturco, Potenza

One father. One and three. Nothing transcendental: in the body of a single actor three fathers very different from each other in social background, geographical origin, working condition. On stage we catch them ridiculous, in the midst of a crisis in the face of the "hardest job in the world." Their teenage children are the disconnected interlocutors of as many missed dialogues, the common horizon of the three fathers who, by dint of banging their teeth on the same wall, find themselves naked, with broken lips, surrounded by silence. And perhaps it is precisely in the silence that the sons' reasons can find citizenship.
— Mario Perrotta

Our time is the time of the waning of fathers. Any exercise of authority is experienced with suspicion and banished as unjustified abuse. Lost fathers mingle with sons: they play the same games, speak the same language, dress the same way. The symbolic difference between generations collapses. The language of art – and in this project by Mario Perrotta that I have chosen to accompany, the language of theater – can make an essential contribution to capturing both the evaporation of the traditional figure of fatherhood and the difficult transit to another, more vulnerable but more human image of fatherhood.
— Massimo Recalcati

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Mario Perrotta is considered one of the most significant voices on the Italian theater scene. He won three times the Theater Oscar (Ubu Prize) and numerous other national and international awards. His dramas are translated and staged also abroad in various languages ​​and in prestigious contexts such as, among others, the Avignon Festival and the United Solo Festival in NY. His artistic career has always focused on original dramas and articulated artistic projects that arise from the urge to investigate contemporaneity.

Massimo Recalcati. Member of the Milanese Society of Psychoanalysis - SMP -, Founder of “Jonas - Clinical Psychoanalytic Center for New Symptoms” and Scientific Director of the IRPA School of Specialization in Psychotherapy in Milan. He teaches at the University of Pavia and at the IULM in Milan. Since 2003 he has been director and lecturer of the "Specialization course on the clinic of new symptoms" at the Jonas Onlus headquarters in Milan.
Currently, he is supervisor at the Gruber Center in Bologna for severe cases of DCA. He collaborates with the cultural pages of La Repubblica and La Stampa. Since 2014 he has directed the Eredi Series for Feltrinelli. Since 2020, together with Maurizio Balsamo, he has curated the direction of the magazine "Frontiere della psicoanalisi", published by Il Mulino. His numerous publications are translated into several languages.

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