Roberta Carvalho, manifesto transpofágico (Nereu jr)
Renata Carvalho

Manifesto transpofágico

20 September 2022, 8.30 pm

Potenza, teatro F. Stabile

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]
recommended for adult audiences

Dramaturgy and performance Renata Carvalho. Direction Luiz Fernando Marques. Light Wagner Antônio. Video Art Cecília Lucchesi. Production Corpo Rastreado. Co-production Risco Festival, MITsp and Corpo Rastreado. Diffusion Corpo a Fora and FarOFFa. Photo Nereu Jr.


I decided today to dress myself with my own skin. My travesti body.
— Renata Carvalho

Renata “dresses herself” with her own body to narrate the historicity of her corporeality. Renata feeds on her “transcestrality”. Eats it, digests it. A transpophagy. The travesti body as an experiment, a laboratory guinea pig. A Travesti Body’s manifest.

roberta carvalho manifesto (nereo jr)

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