Fabrizio Favale / The Rose Alien Tour (foto Gino Rosa)
Fabrizio Favale / Le Supplici

The Rose Alien Tour

26 November 2022, 3.30 pm

Armento, borgo Casale


Concept and choreography Fabrizio Favale. Dancers Daniele Bianco, Claudia Gesmundo, Alessio Russo, Valentina Staltari, Po-Nien Wang. Scene and costumes First Rose. Music Jónsi & Alex, Fennesz. Produced by KLm – Kinkaleri / Le Supplici / mk. Supported by Comune di Bologna - Area Metropolitana di Bologna – Destinazione Turistica nell'ambito di Bologna Estate 2022 / MIC / Regione Emilia-Romagna.

Project implemented pursuant to Article 18 of Regional Law No. 9 of 31/05/2022 Basilicata Region / Integrated Culture Plans 2022
Project Synthesis / Porta Cœli Foundation


Episodio 6. Armento

After being selected by the Big Pulse Dance Alliance with the project Le Stagioni Invisibili as one of the best 8 European outdoor projects 2021, Fabrizio Favale from 2022 has invented a unique path for outdoor spaces: The Rose Alien Tour - Performance cycle on the road.
The project consists of the journey of a small group of dancers who cross our cities and even unknown places, appearing in each location for a short period of time without changing anything around them, like peaceful and evanescent alien creatures.
This series of performances on the road is a tribute to all those forms of existence different from ours, to those presences that appear to our eyes as aliens, existing and non-existent at the same time. They are all animals and plants. The minerals and the glaciers… But it is also the foreigner and the different. They form the fabric of the landscape, but in the landscape they merge until they disappear. They are light and evanescent presences like those of animals, camouflaged forms where the boundary between the body and the surrounding is always uncertain. They are impossible plant intelligences. It is the foreigner who is here and elsewhere at the same time. It is the different that we do not understand.

favale rose alien stefano scheda

Fabrizio Favale, Full Scholarship at American Dance Festival, Duke University USA 1990. In 1996 he was nominated "best Italian dancer of the year" by the G. Tani Prize. In 2011 he received the "Medal of the President of the Republic for Italian choreographic talent." In 1999 he founded the company Le Supplici. From the following years his works were invited in important international contexts such as: Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot Paris, Biennale de la Danse de Lyon, Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv, Varna International Festival, SIDance Seoul and many others. He is the creator of a series of research projects including: Platform of Balinese Dance for Santarcangelo Festival and Circo Massimo for Teatro Duse Bologna. The work CIRCEO was co-produced by Théâtre National de la Danse Chaillot Paris. In 2019 the project The Creation Of Seasons won the PerChiCrea production award by Siae and MIBAC. In 2021 Le Stagioni Invisibili was selected by Big Pulse Dance Alliance as one of the eight best European outdoor projects. For the three-year period 22-24 Fabrizio Favale is nominated Italian Associate Artist of MILANoLTRE, Teatro Elfo-Puccini Milan.

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