Manfredi Perego, ruggine
Manfredi Perego | TIR Danza


23 October 2022, 6.45 pm

Potenza, museo Dinu Adamesteanu

5 euro [buy online]

With Manfredi Perego. Choreography Manfredi Perego.

How does the product of my contradictions manifest itself?
Rust is a reflection on what is created in the antagonism between dark and light.
Rust is a dramaturgical thought between the dark, the uncanny, the violent, and at the same time toward a judgment-free observation of these reactions. A dedication to the area I usually coercively conceal, and a willingness not to give in to it.
The choreography does not generate a response, but the possibility of immersing oneself in these states of mind and being able to dissect them without prejudice, to confront oneself openly without determining the victory of any ideal representation.
A body therefore in search of dust, of that which is usually blown away.

The product of this juxtaposition I imagine as a dusty, latent residue that covers my body and thought, a personal veil that does not disappear, so thin that it is often unnoticed.
Reflecting on one's own contradictions and the boundary between what one defines as positive and negative, and the product of these parts at friction is a solitary and intimate act for me; that is why I feel the need to address this issue with a single
This solitary path is necessary in order to address the other two chapters of the trilogy; "Origin" and "Hanami," could not be honest if I did not first address weaknesses, safety zones, choreographic and non-choreographic jarring, in the first person.

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Manfredi Perego. Born in Parma in 1981. Graduated in Set Design at the Accademia di belle Arti di Bologna with a thesis on Dance’s improvisation technique 110/110 with hounor. Movement/dance education:
Judo, thai boxe, goalkeeper, tai chi, capoeira, Brazilian ju jitzu (on going) he began studying contemporary dance at the age of 17. In 2002 he is a student at the Accademia Isola Danza directed by Carolyn Carlson, where he met the currents of North-European dance and movement research in the United States.He continued his dance studies with some of the teachers he met at the Biennale. In 2013 he undertook his first personal research project on the movement that saw him investigate the recovery of an instinctive movement, a research that led him to the realization of a training in the forest for three weeks. From there he developped some intuitions: a primitive / poetic movement that refers to a writing for images in which signs, space and moving spells are intertwined.

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