Andrea Nolè, installazione (foto S. Laurenzana)
Andrea Nolè

Exercise for not losing the smile

14 October 2022, 4.30 pm

Potenza, public space


Installation Fontana di Gomito Cavallo
C/so Umberto I - Via Vaccaro, Potenza

Site-specific work inspired by the Manifesto of the third landscape by Gilles Clément, a French landscape architect who indicates all the places abandoned by man: parks and nature reserves, the large uninhabited areas of the planet, but also smaller and more widespread spaces, almost invisible.
The work also reflects on the relationship of citizens they establish with public space, such as; the independent initiatives of some collectives and associations born in the territory that in recent years have worked for the recovery and restoration of some abandoned areas.

photo on the top © Salvatore Laurenzana

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Andrea Nolè is a multipurpose artist, his work divides between public art and installations. His artistic research is always related to the space he investigates as in the series of subvertising interventions made on advertising posters, which constitute a form of intercession and social activism rather than a real artistic practice, mainly contemplating the socio-political side of the intervention compared to the aesthetic one.

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