Lunacenere (Dario Bonazza)
Luna Cenere, Compagnia Körper


21–30 September. Public presentation 30 Sept. 2021, 5.30 pm

Potenza, rione Bucaletto, near the Rodari school

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Production Compagnia Körper | Festival Oriente Occidente. Choreography Luna Cenere. Assistant and interpreters Lucas Delfino, Daria Menichetti, Ilaria Quaglia, Davide Tagliavini. Music Renato Grieco. Management & Distribuzione Domenico Garofalo.
top and bottom © Dario Bonazza, center © Angela Onorati.

Partnership AppStart / Punto Luce Save the Children, Potenza

Meeting local communities.
GENEA from ‘γένος (“ghenos”), translatable as “gender”, “kinship”, “lineage” and LOGIA from ‘λόγος (logos’) which is equivalent to discourse , narrative but also study, reasoning.
Genealogia means value of the origin and, at the same time, origin of values. It is opposed as much to absolute character of values as to their relative or practical character. It therefore means origin and birth, but also difference or distance of the origin.

Genealogia – project of choreographic research is a shared practice and a choreographic research that can be applied in to different form and formats of use, born with the desire to carry out an artistic, choreographic and human experiment.
In this sense, a group of professionals leaded by Luna Cenere researches and creates a movement vocabulary and a structure of composition. The project then as the aim to involve citizens of different places to share the research and open it to create each time a new structure that involves them and that can be shared on stage.
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The body and the genesis of the different ‘-logies’ related to it are the main object of investigation in this artistic research.
By ‘-logies’ we mean the different ways of thinking and imagining the body or the bodies today, taking into consideration the path made during the time related to historical and cultural circumstances. Over the years, Luna Cenere as undertaken theoretical and empirical studies to deal with such a complex and vast theme. A research that she articulated on various levels and integrates her studies on Sociology, Anthropology, Performing Arts and her passion for Philosophy and Photography. For the author the thought that traverses these artistic reflections is the movement of the soul and from that should appear the contemporary dance gesture. Without assuming the pretense of creating an innovative language, Luna researches for a personal artistic signature as a result of the crisis and the reformulation of conceptual and physical materials at her disposals.

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The nudity is also a compositional necessity, legitimized by the specific choreographic-writing practice that the author conducts. Luna emphasizes the single parts of the bodies, elaborates the architecture putting it in dialogue with the surrounding space, turns the postures upside down and orchestrates the spatial disposition. On the stage landscapes of bodies are generated but it is also the sigle body to be a landscape itself. There is a constant metamorphosis happening that puts the viewer into an active position of observation and interpretation of what he is witnessing.
The intent of the artist is to elaborate through the creation of images that are appearing within a structure of improvisations a living landscape always new and open to stimulate different levels of interpretation.

It is a real process of deconstruction and reconstruction of thoughts that happens within a workshop cycle with the citizens that chose to partecipate through an open call. During these meeting Luna shares her research of images, paintings, quotes and personal reflection creating a common ground of discussion that is reported day by day in a document created for the participants. Each one can give his contribute and departing from these observation Luna leads a body practice based on sensorial experiences related to the material of discussion. The different steps of the project already happened allowed the creation of a community that shares and exchanges informations and different kind of materials via a private web platform the Luna created under the name GENEALOGIA COMMUNITY PROJECT. They are constantly informed about the evolution of the project and the new appointments, and they are free to take the initiative to join each group and meet a new community in another country.


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Luna Cenere is a dancer and young choreographer from Naples, associated artist of Körper Choreographic Center and of Oriente Occidente Festival ( 2019/2020) and supported by the Residence XL action in 2019. Awarded from the Danza&Danza 2020 as Emerging Choreographer, Author of ‘Kokoro’, a show produced by the Körper Company with the support of Virgilio Sieni Company and the Ex Asilo Filangieri of Naples, she was chosen by the ANTICORPI XL network. Thanks to this show, Luna has been selected as AEROWAVES TWENTY18 artist and has won the award for the Best Choreography of’ Solocoreografico 2017 . In September 2019 Luna received the Positano Léonide Massine Special Prize as a Campanian Talent. Later she performed “Twin”, and was credited the approval by the ANTICORPI XL network; some other shows were “Pneumatika” and “Natural Gravitation – a tribute to Isadora Duncan” commissioned and produced by the Ravello Festival and the Körper Company.
Luna Cenere got a degree in contemporary dance at National Center of Promotion ‘Movimento Danza’ in Naples. In 2011 she left Italy to continue her training at SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance where she graduated, and in 2014 she moved to Belgium. During these years she attended international festivals such as the Deltebre Danza Festival, Impulstanz and the Venice Biennal, and trained with teachers like David Zambrano, Francesco Scavetta, Martin Kilvady Josef Frucek, Linda Kapetanea, Matej Kejzar and many others. She took part in the works of Anton Lacky (Anton Lacky Company) and Josef Frucek (Rootlessroot). In 2014 she worked with Simone Fortie and Anton Lacky. In 2016 she became a member of Virgilio Sieni Company (Italy) in projects such as “La Mer” and “Il Cantico dei Cantici”. In 2017 she worked on Mario Martone’s ‘Capri Revolution’- dance direction by Raffaella Giordano.
Luna has recently undertaken her own personal artistic research and has been working for choreographers like Virgilio Sieni, Jean Abreau, Leonardo Diana and Elio Gervasi. Certified contemporary dance teacher at SEAD, she arranges training workshops, research about bodies’ movement and improvisation classes.

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