Trickster-p, book is a book is a book (Giulia Lenzi)

Book is a Book is a Book

20/22 October 2021, 8.30 pm

Potenza, cappella dei Celestini

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

Concept and realization Cristina Galbiati & Ilija Luginbühl. Voice Gabriella Sacco (italian and english version), Dorit Ehlers (german version), Liliane Hodel (french version). Dramaturg Simona Gonella. Artistic collaboration Yves Regenass. Original soundscape Zeno Gabaglio. Editing and mixing Lara Persia - Lemura Recording Studio. Graphic design Studio CCRZ. Assistance e illustrations Arianna Bianconi. Production Trickster-p, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura. Co-production far° Nyon, Theater Chur, ROXY Birsfelden, TAK Theater Liechtenstein, BLICKWECHSEL - Festival am Puppentheater Magdeburg, FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts. Supported by Pro Helvetia - Fondazione svizzera per la cultura, DECS Repubblica e Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos, Municipio di Novazzano, Fachausschuss Tanz & Theater BS/BL, Kulturförderung Kanton Graubünden / Swisslos, Percento culturale Migros, Fonds culturel de la Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA), Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Stiftung Dr. Valentin Malamoud, Schweizerische Stiftung für den Doron Preis, Boner Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur, Fondazione Winterhalter, Anny Casty-Sprecher Stiftung.
Foto © Giulia Lenzi.

A fascinating and mysterious object, the book has got a magical nature: apparently a simple set of sheets sewn in a volume, it can open windows on other worlds, like a capsule through time and space.
Such statement, both simple and complex, was the starting point of Book is a Book: after investigating the scenic space through different possible declinations, Trickster-p is now questioning whether the book object itself can become a space to explore: it becomes the focus of this new project.
Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl conceived a performance whose spectator, equipped with earphones, moves between the pages through a journey among images, words, sounds : the result is a deeply imaginative experience, unusual and unexpected.
The book, or rather THE unpublished book of Book is a Book, is a place where you can travel through your mind and within your mind: new connections among time, space, dream and memory are set up. We project ourselves elsewhere and can expand our perceptions.
We’ll be exploring the book and the sound atmospheres it creates – while the surrounding physical space changes and becomes darker or lighter – : this will be a unique experience when space and time dilate and our mind cedes to the pleasure of imagination.
In a time when major events and large numbers play a preminent role , Trickster-p thus reiterates some distinctive features of its poetics, firmly claiming the encounter with the art should be immersive and personal.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)

trickster p bookisabook l giulia lenzi

Trickster-p arises out of the encounter of Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl and is intended as an artistic research project which pushes at the boundaries of different art forms. Initially their research focused specifically on the centrality and physicality of the performer; as time went on, their focus has shifted from a more narrow definition of theatre to include expressions that transgress genre boundaries, both conceptually and formally resulting from the mixture of extremely heterogeneous artistic media.
Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl’s poetics is an invitation for the spectators to open up their perceptive space and create their own reality on the boundaries between inner vision and outer sight. Among their works there are performances and installations which have been translated into many languages and have been presented in more than 30 Countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.
Along with the artistic work, Trickster channeled its experimental vocation by creating ‘la casa del tabacco’, a space of creation and experimentation in the village of Novazzano, few kilometers away from the Italian-Swiss border and current base of Trickster project.

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