Lino Musella (foto Mario Spada)
Lino Musella

Tavola tavola, chiodo chiodo...

30 October 2021, 8.30 pm

Potenza, teatro F. Stabile

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

A project by Lino Musella and Tommaso De Filippo. Upon notes, articles, correspondence of Eduardo De Filippo. A show by and with Lino Musella. Live music Marco Vidino. Scenes Paola Castrignanò. Lighting Pietro Sperduti. Sound Marco D’Ambrosio. Historical background Maria Procino. Collaboration to dramaturgy Antonio Piccolo. Assistant director Melissa Di Genova. Costumes Sara Marino. Photos Mario Spada. Production Elledieffe, Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale.



The National Premiere took place at San Ferdinando - the Theatre of Eduardo - Table table, nail nail...
A new production of Elledieffe and Stabile di Napoli with Lino Musella, a true star on the stage, among the most appreciated ones of his generation, winner - among others - in 2019 of the Ubu Award as best actor. The pandemic and the following side effects on the entertainment world were starting point of this new project, strongly wanted by the Neapolitan actor. During the pandemic, many opinions were articulated regarding the world of entertainment and its fate.

“In this period - writes Musella - I have often sought refuge in the words of the greats: poets, writers and philosophers, in search of comfort, inspiration, of answers .
This led me to rediscover Eduardo, professional theatre pioneer , whose greatness lies not only in the beauty of his works, but also in his Don Quixote-esque battles , which he’s tirelessly winning and losing”.
Tommaso De Filippo - who manages the cultural heritage of the family - has been supporting Lino Musella through his research into the memories of Eduardo: final goal would be an effective dialogue among generations, on the stage. The actor will therefore be lending body and voice to letters addressed to Institutions, speeches to the Senate, notes and papers talking about the arduous work for the Teatro San Ferdinando. The master Marco Vidino is with him on the stage and performs live original music especially composed for the show.
“I am part of a generation born amongst the ruins of the great Theatre, and my only choice is perhaps to choose whether to succumb to countless difficulties or trying, piece by piece, to build a possibility for the future, like those words - inscribed on a tombstone in Eduardo’s theatre - suggesting active and continuous action.
This great artist is relentlessly committed to stand up against politics and institutions and often fails, just like us in this time. Whenever far from us he never stops raising his feeble, roaring voice, and I like to think he really does it for us!".
Through his talent, his voice, his gesture, his directing intuitions, Lino Musella’s words keep their meaning and historical value; it becomes as well poetry, emotion, fast and close representation, lucid, involving show, so much amusing, like theatre asks for".

(Translation by Caterina Cavallo)

lino musella tavola chiodo l mario spada

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