IAC, Marathon des sables

Marathon des sables

18 October 2021, 11 am

Potenza, teatro Don Bosco

for students of the liceo Rosa-Gianturco

Partnership: liceo Rosa – Gianturco di Potenza

With Cosimo Frascella. Direction Andrea Santantonio. Assistant direction Nadia Casamassima. Lighting Joseph Geoffriau. Video creation Lorenzo Bruno. Dramaturgical adaptation Cosimo Frascella, Andrea Santantonio.


No one can live ten days in the desert without food and water: almost none.
"Marathon des sables" is the story of a marathon runner, Mauro Prosperi, who in April 1994 took part in Morocco marathon in the desert of Morocco and got lost, and then found his way home after ten days.
Getting lost in a desert: a thrilling competitive experience and at the same time a universal condition.
The show offers two narrative levels: Cosimo, the actor, and Mauro, the marathon runner.
The meeting is between the two men, one of them being truly keen on theatre.
Ready to whatever but to leave that world, the other one is a modern pentathlon champion, determined to run the marathon in the desert.
For Cosimo, the story of Mauro becomes the metaphor of his life, in which there is no renunciation, and every effort can strengthen their passion and determination.
The two men meet each other, recognize each other, help each other overcome and find themselves again.

Through the show we are crossing a desert; marathon and everyday life are combined and the protagonist, together with the audience, is searching for an inner dialogue, both hurting and corroborating.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)


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