Petra, intotheborder
Compagnia Petra


6-7 October, 9.30-11 am // 10 October, 5 pm

Potenza, teatro Don Bosco

6-7 Oct.: 3 euro; 10 Oct.: 5 euro [buy online]

National premiere

Production Compagnia teatrale Petra. Coproduction associazione Basilicata 1799, Città delle 100 scale festival. Project and Direction Antonella Iallorenzi. Acting and Coreography Mariagrazia Nacci. Original soundtracks Mario Pepe e Marco Ielpo. Scenic design La luna al guinzaglio. Scenic cure Stefania Sagarese. Video designer Beatrice Mazzone. Light designer Angelo Piccinni.

A dusty dark attic overloaded with objects can become, in a child’s imagination, the center of a famous city, a tennis court, a thick and intricate jungle with plants and unusual animals, sometimes fighting none the less looking forward to starting new magic adventures .
The protagonist explores space, overcomes the limits and enters a world made of reality and imagination.
Curiosity and fear are mixed and objects gain an emotional significance.
Will the protagonist manage to experience fear as essential to her growth and knowledge?

The performance, the first one of a trilogy, explores imagination world through theatre-dance and video mapping; verbal language has disappeared.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)

petra intotheborder

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