Untold (foto Elena Castellano)


2 October 2021, 8.30 pm

Potenza, teatro F. Stabile

10 euro / reduced 8 euro [buy online]

Idea, creation, performers Valeria Bianchi, Aurora Buzzetti, Giulia De Canio. Music Posho. Lighting Matteo Rubagotti. Sound design Posho, Jacopo Dell’Abate, Valeria Bianchi, Emanuela Belmonte. Production UnterWasser. Executive production Pilar Ternera / NTC. With the support of Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie, Straligut Teatro, Officine Caos, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo, Meridiano Zero, Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia Castiglioncello - CapoTrave/Kilowatt Sansepolcro).
Photos top © Elena Castellano, bottom © Marco Di Giuseppe.

World premiere Teatro di Venezia 2020 diretta da Antonio Latella.


Untold, unspoken.
What cannot be said cannot be worked on, nor defined.
Hidden elements leave signs and messages, press against the surface and try to come out, they claim to be brought to light.
Untold adopts expressive technique , the result of meticulous research within shadow theatre’s potential.
Bodies and objects cast project shapes , illusion and disvealed artifice coexist.
The visual language and the play’s original soundtrack get melded.

(translated by labiennale.org)

unterwasser untold l marco di giuseppe

UnterWasser Company has been founded in 2014 by Valeria Bianchi, Aurora Buzzetti and Giulia De Canio. The company places itself at the border between Visual theatre and Contemporary Art, exploring how the two overlap and creating an original, poetic language as an investigative instrument into the human mind and its many facets. The focus is on the artistic object, the handcraft, the image, the sculpture, the moving matter. The performance is a “Mobile Installation” to be enjoyed in the evolving of the scenes (frames), in the fluidity of their flowing, in the sequence of not-hidden transformations of the matter, in changing of perspectives and points of view, that bring on the scene the principle of editing as used in cinema. "We are fascinated by the extraordinary possibility offered by Visual Theatre of opening doors on the scene, gashes that bring the public in poetic, dreamlike and fantastic worlds, empty canvas on which the eye of each spectator can project meanings and evoke memories, emotions, images". Works UNTOLD, show (2020) PREMIÈRE in BIENNALE TEATRO 20202, VENEZIA; MAZE, show (2018); OUT, show, 'tout public' (2015); FLOATING, installation (2017) CasermArcheologica, Sansepolcro. THE WIRE CITY, installation (2017) Carrozzerie n. o. t. Rome. AMARBARì, installation,(2018) ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL 2018, Rome. AMARBARì show ,'tout public' (2019). Awards: Premio Scenario Infanzia 2014, Special Mention Student Observatory; Selection for Visionaries Kilowatt Festival 2015; Special Mention Festebà 2015; Eolo Award 2016 to the Best Puppet Theatre Show; Benedetto Ravasio Award 2016; Inbox Award 2019; "Valter Ferrara Award", Radicondoli Festival 2019.

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