Loveiscoil Liquid Orchestra

Oblique strategies 1 and 2

7-27 September 2021, 10 pm

Tito zona industriale, Metaltecno

2 euro [buy online 7 Sept. and 27 Sept.]

Synth Loviscoil (Massimo Lovisco)
Visuals Utopotronik (Gerardo Marmo)
Live Djing PJ (Pierluigi Laurita)

In 1975 "Oblique Strategies, Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas" was on the market: a small black cards box made by electronic composer Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt. The game meant to help anyone doing creative work and encourage lateral thinking through aphorisms and cryptic phrases.
Is it possible to stimulate lateral thinking, to go beyond the normality of links and associations through music and images? This is the concept of Loveiscoil Liquid Orchestra for Oblique Strategies, through the electronic dreamlike music of Loveiscoil and the just in time processed images of Utopotronik.
Elements and guests will be joining in the performance, companions of an exploratory journey to the boundaries of space and time. The result will be a unique and unforgettable experience.
Loveiscoil is a project about experimental electronic music with a dreamlike vocation, where universes, childhood memories, travels and movie images are condensed. Half-sleep photographic visions are translated into music and sounds. It is part of Collettivo d'Autore, a creative workshop of musicians from all over Italy and has released two Ep (MXLV and Nuove Costruzioni Che Crollano) with the brand Collective Author- distributed by Music Rails/Sonyorchard.
Utopotronik is a multimedia system of meaningful interactions focused on audiovisual performance and multisensory research of utopias. Sound and image become emotional triggers altering the consciousness and disclosing a new unconventional relationship between mind and body.

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