Olivier Dubois
Olivier Dubois

My body of coming forth by day

22 September 2021, 8.30 pm

Tito zona industriale, Metaltecno

8 euro / reduced 6 euro [buy online]

Writing & Performing Olivier Dubois. Sounds and lighting François Caffenne. Production Compagnie Olivier Dubois I COD. Coproduction Festival BreakingWalls / Il Cairo.
Photo © Pierre Gondard.


Twelve years after his first choreography, Olivier Dubois has produced an intimate solo to explore the recesses of the body’s memory and the (hi)story of his art.
Dubois, who was appointed one of the twenty-five best dancers in the world in 2011, has performed with the best artists ever and performed his work on the world’s biggest stages.
In his latest show, he is acting alone. Without any artifice, he ironically agrees to take part in a court, in a peep show and even in a vivisection.
Throughout a virtual trial, whose rules were dictated by himself, Olivier Dubois is presenting some of the sixty shows he has taken part in since the beginning of his career. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian ‘Book of the Dead’ (of Book of Coming Forth by Day), he embarks on a journey across dancing fragments in search of the artist; the performer’s body is examined to find out the origin of a masterpiece and read the signs of destiny from its entrails. A star has born!

dubois mybody v pierre gondard

Olivier Dubois has been treading French contemporary dance boards for more than a decade with some of the most extreme choreographic works to date. He has been director of Ballet du Nord from 2014 to 2017; in 2011 Dance Europe Magazine appointed him one of the twenty-five best dancers in the world. He boasts a unique working experience in creation, interpretation and training. Olivier Dubois has performed for Angelin Preljocaj, Cirque du Soleil, Jan Fabre, Dominique Boivin, Sasha Waltz and many others. In 2006, he was invited by the French Authors’ Society SACD and the Festival d’Avignon to create a piece as part of its ‘Les Sujets à vif’ series. His work Pour tout l’or du monde (For All the Gold in the World) subsequently received the jury prize from the Professional Critics’ Association. At 2008 Festival d’Avignon, he created Faune(s), based on the famous piece by Nijinski, and won the Prix Jardin d’Europe, the European prize for emerging choreography. (olivierdubois.org)

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