The concept of the thirteenth edition of Città delle 100 Scale Festival is going to take place from August 31 to October 31, 2021.

Ab/Norme Città delle 100 scale festival, 2021

Written by

Francesco Scaringi e Giuseppe Biscaglia

Published on

17 August 2021

The festival aims to start a utopian approach turned off by time, raising a critical awareness about the norma/lity and its new shape: a normality which affords the risk to seem abnormal. 

None the less the machine of the festival has never been still, awaiting whatever graces from heaven.
A twelfth edition was actually designed, arranged and performed yet last year, one of the very few events like this in Italy.
It took place in the middle of the pandemic, while uncertainty was all around, and huge strength was needed to face ongoing traps, either bureaucratic, or political, economic and sanitary. The thirteenth edition was meant to be stunning, innovative and international, focused on the city and its urban landscapes: none the less it overcomes the folklore and its rhetoric, mask of a cultural business. It will also not prevent an approach to parts of Lucania territory which history has shaped: crossroads of different cultures and civilizations, having pale enigmatic landscapes.
What about our expectations? What are we missing? These were the questions underlying the previous edition entitled "Absence/ Presence".  This year we are going to question the meaning of the rhetorical statement "return to normality". Whenever slightly shifting the Italian language, a new hendiadys will be forged: Ab/Norme.
It alludes to "norms" (rules) and "abnormal", throughout the usual game of contrasts and mutual cross references. 
What do we mean with “normality”? What has so far become misrepresented, out of focus, further to the pandemic? Such questions will lead us to inquire about the true canons of the “normal”. 
In the background one more upsetting issue: while summoning the return to normality aren’t we hiding the pitfall of a (in)conscious restoration that mystifies the occurring and destroys a critical approach to the present and to the future? Aren’t we willingly missing to analyze our relationships with nature, with social, political and economic environment as it would mean to relocate well-being, guarantee of vital dignity, freedom and solidarity?

The festival also aims to start a utopian approach turned off by time, raising a critical awareness about the norma/lity and its new shape: a normality which affords the risk to seem abnormal. The word "utopia" recalls fear, search for abstraction, fantastic, sometimes dangerous places: it’s none of them! 
In contrast with the dystopian feeling which has so far prevailed, our "utopia" calls for real and daily practices of solidarity, it elicits the awareness about changes to be done , about new relationships to be established in the society and with nature.
The festival, as far as possible, will be disclosing small forms of "real utopias", throughout spectacular proposals in the natural, social and urban dimension.

In conclusion, two observations are needed. These are very hard times for entertainment professionals: Città delle 100 Cento Scale Festival, within such an unstable and risky context, does not shirk to give many artists and professionals a work chance, whenever small; it aims to create new alliances with operators and scholars and to strengthen its own multidisciplinary soul. 
In addition to this, we will welcome more attentive and diligent institutions who may prove to be far from a narcissistic and self-centred idea of culture.
Let’s look around ourselves: utopia is very far from us and the scenery is truly abnormal and dystopian.

(translation by Caterina Cavallo)