Genealogia, the call

A workshop by Luna Cenere and Körper Company for dancers, amateurs and enthusiasts of dancing and theatre. From 21 to 30 September in Potenza. Application deadline: 10 September 2021.

photo Andrea Baldassarri

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13 August 2021

The Città delle Cento Scale Festival, the choreographer Luna Cenere and the Körper Company - in collaboration with AppStart / Punto Luce Save the Children Potenza - are scouting for dancers, amateurs and enthusiasts of dancing and theatre for a workshop that will take place from 21 to 30 September 2021.

Final work will be the performance “Genealogia” - on next 30 September- within the Città delle Cento Scale Festival. The lab in progress is part of the project Genealogia, whose concept is to be found in its own title: ghenea from ‘γνος (“ghenos”), meaning "genre", "kinship", "lineage" and loghia from ‘λογος (logos’) which stands for speech, narrative, but also studying, reasoning.
In this work, Luna Cenere wishes to perform an artistic, choreographic and human research. She will be experiencing the presence on stage of both professional artists and beginners, not necessarily from the world of Dance.
Through this choice the physical and philosophical meanings of the body will be explored, together with the related various implications.
Genealogia is not just a performance, rather a shared practice and a choreographic research about new theatre languages.
During the creation process, the Literature about the Body will be analysed. The choreographer strongly believes that written narratives actually lead thoughts to become physical movement.
Through the contact, the distance, the observation and the interpretation of the gesture, a new content will be generated: that’s the result of the group’s work translated in a public performance.
The workshop is including nude work sessions (not necessarily all nude).

To apply, please email a short motivation letter to
Participation is free. Special prerequisites are not required.

Deadline for applications
Applications must be submitted within 10 September 2021. A maximum of 15 participants will be selected. Should the applications exceed the maximum number, a selection will be made upon candidates’ motivation and availability. An admission confirmation will be sent to each candidate by 16 September.

photo © Andrea Baldassarri
translation by Caterina Cavallo

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